Special Forces Upper Arm Armor
ManualAdvanced Gloves 1 Research
SkillArmorcraft 114
Components2x Ragged Aramex
4x Scrap Carbon Steel
2x Salvaged Fasteners
ToolArmorcraft Tradeskill Kit
Time19m 30s (14m 37s)
Special forces upper arm armor
Special Forces Upper Arm Armor
May or may not have once been involved with the overthrow of a small Third World country.

Required Slots:ARMS
Item Level:43
Weight:0.7 kg
Min Condition:1
Resists:Slashing +94
Piercing +86 Crushing +86
Fire +46 Cold +46
Acid +24 Radiation +24
Ballistic +96 Poison +24
Sonic +30 Electric +24
Psionic +30 Disease +24
Requirement: Player Level 28

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