At the end of the tutorial, you may select which starter town you begin experiencing the world from, each of which focuses on a certain style of play, but not exclusively - you will be able to learn crafting and support skills in a combat town, for example.[1]

Combat Edit

Combat oriented starter towns focus on teaching characters how to fight, as well as equipping them with the appropriate items and knowledges to do so. Missions will focus on killing, with weapons as the rewards and lots of bad guys to kill.

Known combat starter town is Boneclaw.

Support Edit

Support focused starter towns will teach characters how to support others using skills such as Group Tactics and First Aid. Missions will focus on healing and buffing, rewarding players with knowledges and will usually have complex structures.

Known support starter town is Clinton FARM.

Crafting Edit

These starter towns teach crafting and use of tradeskills. Missions focus on collecting resources, making goods and obtaining more Knowledges.

Known crafting starter town is Midway.

References Edit

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