• Tannerfield Overview
  • South Entrance
  • Central Gas Station
  • Tourist Telescope
  • The Northside
  • Outsided Farm and Garage
  • North Entrance
  • Ruin Church in the north
  • Mission Point: Entrance to the Underground Lair
  • Overview Underground Lair
  • Mission Point: Cultist Farm
  • Mission Point: Judges Envangelists Camp at /waypoint 6624590 4880219
  • Mission Point: Cultist Camp
  • Mission Point: GoG Camp at /waypoint 6758250 4905753

Sector: Kaibab Forest
County: Pine Valley
Waypoint: /waypoint 6690892 4855514
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 6690319 4860656
LifeNet Fast Travel Terminal: /waypoint 6626085 4842483
Garage: /waypoint 6682614 4880973


A former Vista occupied area struggling to rebuild after the dissapearance of many of its residents. This area is involved in a struggle with the Pale Ones.








Tannerfield Missions

Other Notable Information

Near Tannerfield are also two Events: Super Soldier sighting! and El Cadejo!. At the nearby Cultist Farm spawns a Curious Debris /waypoint 6682252 4829120

Completing the Mission Chain Down the Well, Missing Rider, Cold Blood and Out of the Woods gives you the Wastelander Achievement: Tan their Hides.


Satellite Images

Tannerfield Satellite

Satellite Images of Tannerfield. Click to zoom

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