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Tasty Blight Wolf Treat
ManualGeneral Cooking
SkillCooking 180
Components1x Pristine Rabbit Meat
1x Pristine Venison
1x Rare Spice Mix
ToolCooking Tradeskill Kit
Time15m (10m)
Tasty Blight Wolf Treat.jpg
Tasty Blight Wolf Treat

This item can not be sold
This is a tradeskill component
Item Level:50
Weight:0.001 kg
Effect:Scavenger Boss:Blight Wolf



Blighted Pack Leader, a Scavenger Boss, can be summoned by using Tasty Blight Wolf Treat.

Component item Pristine Rabbit Meat can be rarely looted from Bunnies or Blood Rabbits.

Component item Pristine Venison can be rarely looted from Deer or Does.

Component item Rare Spice Mix can be rarely looted from Human League Patrols.

These enemies can be found in Idyllic Valley which is located at the "X" on the Terminal Woods map with a bunny and a deer drawing on either side of it.