Tech Portable Research Bundle
ManualFaction Camps 2 Instructions
SkillConstruction 150
Components3x Iron Support
1x Radio Beacon
2x Light Tarpaulin
2x Can of Gasoline
2x Bathtub Gin
ToolConstruction Tradeskill Kit
Time20m 0s (15m 0s)
Bundle Icon
Tech Portable Research Bundle
Doesn't the word "research" imply you screwed up searching the first time?

Item Level:50
Weight:1 kg
Effect:Tech Portable Research Bundle
This camp creates a Tech Portable Research camp, which consists of two tents, a garage manager and a basic components merchant, as well as providing Scavenging and gamma regeneration buffs. This camp will persist for 3 hours.
Requirement: Player Level 40
Tech 60000


The Tech Junk Dealer sells:

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