Tesla Coat
ManualAdvanced Enhanced Armor 2 Schematics
SkillScience 164
Components2x Scrap Wires
1x Ragged Radex
1x Common Fasteners
3x Frayed Synthetic Cloth
1x Scrap Circuits
ToolScience Tradeskill Kit
Time23m 45s (17m 48s)
Tesla coat
Tesla Coat
This Science armor has a patented plastic and rubber lining, giving it higher secondary and tertiary resists.

Item Level:60
Weight:4 kg
Min Condition:1
Resists:Slashing +365
Piercing +365 Crushing +335
Fire +250 Cold +205
Acid +155 Radiation +155
Ballistic +365 Poison +155
Sonic +155 Electric +250
Psionic +155 Disease +155
Requirement: Player Level 45

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