• Do we really need to add the repair kit type for each vehicle? All vehicles can be repaired with the basic kit, the improved and advanced kits, though can be used for that purpose, and mainly used just for crafting recipes. I thought you had to use the higher end repair kits too, but I found out you can repair even interceptors with the basic kits.

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    • Oh if that is the case, then I guess we don't. I thought at times I tried to repair, but was missing the correct repair kit. Maybe that was prior to 2.4.

      Also, living mounts don't need kits at all. You can stanch wound them.

      Do they all repair 100% of the dmg? If so they it can def be removed.

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    • So far from what I've seen with the repair kits it restores full hp to vehicles. I haven't tried it via the "Repair Vehicle" button on the tab, but rather use the kit itself, which I've been repairing a few people's damaged vehicles in some towns out of kindness, and noticed it that way. But with patch/stanch/whatever healing mutation for live mounts, it will only heal for whatever your skill heals for.

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