Town Mission(s

Mandla requires you to choose one of three tests to prove yourself worthy before you can begin his missionline.

Choose to test your Dexterity.
Choose to test your Strength.
Choose to test your Endurance.
After completing one of the above trials.

Franklin's Riders Faction Mission(s)

White Crow Missionline

Archive Coalition Mission(s)

This mission is required before the collection missions before become available.

Capstone Mission(s)

Capstone missions award specific trinkets for clones who reach 165 in various skills.

Graham Mission(s)

Upon completing Tough Trade the other Grahams in both Deadfall Point and Trader's Flat offer additional missions. These are the missions available in Trader's Flat:

Rally Mission(s)

2018 Halloween Event Missions

"From Beneath You" Event Missions

Bankers Missions

Tech Missions

Traveler Missions

Lightbearer Missions

2018 First Night Event Missions

Holiday Event Exchange Missions



Completing the mission chains Traveler Vengeance is Swift, Getting Technical, Outside the Box and Fitzwarin Council awards you the following Wastelander achievement:

Wastelander Achievements Icon
Flat Broke
Unlock the secrets of Trader's Flat
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