Untradeable Items Edit

Occasionaly, very valuable items will be impossible to trade, but they will be very very rare. For most items, including all crafted items, you can trade them around however you wish.[1]

Beyond mission-related items, the items that cannot be traded are primarily very rare or unique components that can be used in crafting a very powerful item, which can itself be traded. For example, if you have to recover an PX-22 experimental pistol barrel from a pre-Fall research facility to make an advanced auto-pistol, that barrel is a unique item that cannot be traded. Likewise, if you had to get the thighbone of the mutant beast known as the Bone Taker to make a CHoTA Axe, that thighbone is a unique item and cannot be traded. Once you make the item, it may be traded as normal.[2] Additionally, player-driven research cannot be traded to other players without making use of the Teaching tradeskill. If you spend a lot of time building an experimental engine that you can use to better understand engines, only you can benefit from the research. Faction specific gear can only be worn or used by those with a sufficient faction rating to earn the gear. Characters disguised as members of other factions will not have a high enough faction rating to use such gear. Faction disguises just get you in the door, they don't make you an officer. Most items that cannot be traded are marked so that you can only have one of them on you. There may be other items further down the line that cannot be traded, but they will be rare.

Merchants / Shops / Auctions Edit

Merchants will include a system where merchants will buy goods from the auction house and sell them to players. So if you walk up to a merchant, he checks the auction house to see what is available as buyouts for the types of goods he sells, and offers you those goods at the buyout prices plus some profit, delivery charges, etc. So effectively any merchant using this tech will sell your goods for you and the prices at which the merchant buys and sells goods are determined dynamically. We're going to build in a number of controls into this system to limit abuse of this mechanic and to keep the market from fluctuating too wildly. Players can also rent shacks or stores - so players can rent a store to sell their goods in if they want to do people-to-people deals. For the period of time that the store is being rented by a player, the store sign reflects the name of the player renting it.[3]

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