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To DoEdit

  • Templates without documentation
  • Items that need Icons
  • Articles that need Images
  • Candidates for deletion
  • Add an 'enemy table' to be transcluded on 'location' pages.
  • Template:Enemy 's LootTable isn't displaying properly when used multiple times on a page. (ie. Enemy: Panther). It will grab ALL loot items from EACH of the enemy templates on the page, and apply ALL to EACH one. Rather than just the ones within their respective templates.
  • Effect pages have a tendency to be dead ends. Perhaps adding a type parameter and having it link to Category containing similar effects would be a good idea.
  • Have Template:Item's effect parameter link to associated Effect page.
  • Have Knowledges link back to Schematics or Actions, so they don't show up in Dead End Pages
  • Add a way to show that information is depreciated. (ie. NPC removed or information no longer valid) Perhaps a Notice template.
  • Template:Enemy location parameter still isn't displaying properly. Will have to add an If function before switch function.
  • Add Notices and Categories to various Templates to aid Editors in finding and completing articles.
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