Miao! My main toon is Guinylen, a social crafter. If you see me in-game, be sure to say Miao!

A Little Background of Me

I started back in 2013, and being an achievement hunter, this game looked very appealing to me when I saw it on the Steam Store page. So I decided to give it a go, seeing that it had so many achievements.

I got into the game and played till I reached lv 10, at which point I lost interest in the game, as I focused too much on the impossibility of getting the achievements, or what to do in the game. And so I left. I've spent 2 years thereafter playing Dead Island: Epidemic.

When DI:E was shut down, for some reason I decided to give Fallen Earth another go. My whole experience was completely changed when I joined a lovely clan. Since 2015, I am still here.

I am glad to be here.

Special Pages

My next big projects

  • Add photos to NPC articles
  • Update incomplete missions in Alpha Zone.

Since 31/7/2016, I have contributed to the following mission pages:
Mission-Sector 4: Explorer Camp, Kelson's Haven, End Run, Mercy, Desolation, Scorcher Base, Unspoiled Grove.
Mission-Sector 2: The Gallows, Wind Farm, The Dump, Tinkersdam, Hollister Point, Credit Bend, Post 23, Fracture
Mission-Sector 3: Waste Farm, Haietta, Fender Gate, Park City, Tannerfield.

The one and only green pussy in Fallen Earth.
This item can not be destroyed

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
This item attunes when worn
Item Level:55
Weight:45 kg
Requirement: Vista

Pricing Guide
Buy Price99000000 - ∞ chips

Type:Mammals and Birds (Big Cats)
Sector:Grand Canyon Province
Location:/waypoint ??


  • Can be found anywhere in the Grand Canyon Province.

You're A Cat!
Awarded to anyone who has miao'ed at Guinylen.

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