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  • I live in Michigan / USA
  • I am male

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I have played Fallen Earth intermittently since March 2012. My oldest character, Qailor, got his start in South Burb at the time. Qailor just recently joined a clan.

Since I sometimes enjoy playing beginner areas at a challenging level, I began to develop my alt, Qai Lin. I decided to use a female character using light melee weapons for a change of pace. She was my first character here to have her own (sub)page. She has no faction as of this writing.

I just couldn't help but create a third character to run some low-grade scavenging runs, so I also built Thorn Kailyn to round-out my corral of characters. He needs a bit of work to bring him along. He is also neutral.

I have concentrated on PVE play for the better part of my game hours. I have recently begun venturing into PVP areas, and have enjoyed that experience also.

I have contributed to several gaming wikis in my past, and find it can sometimes be an enjoyable complement to actual game play. A few of these experiences involved translations into English from corresponding wikis - a challenge in itself, to be sure. I enjoy discovering the underlying system of thought employed by each wiki community, and try to work within that framework.

My favorites

My irritations

  • Broken redirects - Time enough to make a redirect, but not enough time to move the content?
  • Double redirects - Why? ...just, why?
  • Unused categories - Use 'em or lose 'em, folks!
  • Folks who refuse to see that my irritations list should be read with a sense of humor :)
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