• Aethaeran

    I've recently done some updates to Template:NPCBox that adds IMBoxes detailing when it is missing certain parameters, and directing users to the associated documentation if they decide they would like to contribute.

    At the moment, it adds an IMBox for each parameter that is both missing and necessary. Later on, I would like to combine them all into one IMBox that details which parameters are missing. Which in turn will clear up the redundancy they currently generate.

    I plan on doing similar things to the rest of our Design templates.

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  • Aethaeran


    May 11, 2016 by Aethaeran

    Here is a list of Redirects used on our wiki.

    Redirects are useful for redirecting users to pages they may otherwise have difficulty finding using the search bar located at the top of every page of our wiki.

    Certain namespaces remove entries from search results unless the user includes the namespace in their search. (ie. Template:, Category:)

    Let's say a user searched "Vehicles". They would be shown the "Vehicles" page in their search results, but not "Category:Vehicles". Which (until earlier today when I merged the two) shows different information. Meaning, the average user will not generally find information located on category pages.

    To combat this, we should have a redirect for every page using the category name space.

    For instance:

    • Vehicles…
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  • Aethaeran


    May 10, 2016 by Aethaeran

    Yesterday I did some editing to Template:NPCBox. Originally, it had it's own custom infobox layout from scratch. Unfortunately, it was a little outdated. I updated NPCBox to now use Template:Infobox, which gives the whole wiki much more uniformity. Rather than having all our infoboxes vary.

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  • Aethaeran


    May 7, 2016 by Aethaeran

    Today I did some modifications to the way Locations are displayed in order to fix a few issues.

    • NPCTable that searched all of the NPC category was removed. Due in large to it grabbing multiple instances of the same NPC is they were listed in any Subcategories. Also, due to it's redundancy after the other modifications.
    • Added a new property on Template:NPCBox for NPC Types. It can grab this data from either Type or Title parameters.
    • Added EnemyTable, ConverserTable, and ManagerTable to all Location pages.

    Will have to wait for the wiki to refresh before we can see it fully, as re-publisghing thousands of individual pages can be a headache.

    If there are any NPCs that aren't showing up on their associated Location pages after the refresh, just let…

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  • Aethaeran

    Template Types

    May 6, 2016 by Aethaeran

    Started applying Types to Templates because Insights wouldn't stop telling me about it.

    I'm putting Templates we use on various article pages under Design. Proper documentation would be most important on any in this category, not so much the others.

    Tables and other such transcluded templates are under Data. Seriously debating putting things labeled Infobox in this category. Haven't decided yet

    Ones only included within templates themselves I put into Non-article.

    A few I would classify as Notice and have put them there.

    I'm getting pretty sleepy as I write this. A bit of a sloppy start, but a start nonetheless.

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