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Here is a list of Redirects used on our wiki.

Redirects are useful for redirecting users to pages they may otherwise have difficulty finding using the search bar located at the top of every page of our wiki.

Certain namespaces remove entries from search results unless the user includes the namespace in their search. (ie. Template:, Category:)

Let's say a user searched "Vehicles". They would be shown the "Vehicles" page in their search results, but not "Category:Vehicles". Which (until earlier today when I merged the two) shows different information. Meaning, the average user will not generally find information located on category pages.

To combat this, we should have a redirect for every page using the category name space.

For instance:

It may also be helpful to have the singular version of a category name redirect to the Category.

For example:

I'll cover disambiguation pages on a later post.

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