Bosses and Masters without confirmed unique or rare drop

On this blog I sort all known ingame mobs marked as Boss or Master whose haven't confirmed rare or unique drop in loot. Some of them appears only during specific mission. That information is included below.

If you feel like "rare items hunter" then you can try grind these mobs to find something still undiscovered.

This list of mobs doesn't include faction camp guards in The District (Master tier mobs) because they haven't loot and it also doesn't include Scavenger Bosses, G.O.R.E. Bosses, Defense Towns Bosses, World Bosses from Terminal Woods and The Dome Bosses because they have specific drops and I don't think that they will have rarity in loot. List also can be incomplete so if you find some Boss/Master mob non-listed here, let me know into private message or into comments below this blog please.

If you find new or unknown rare or unique item/drop then let us know too please and you will be rewarded (it can be taken like challenge to hunt, I can pay 9 yellow chips to you for every new discovery). Take in mind that there can be exceptions and some normal mobs without Boss or Master mark can drop rare or unique item too (for example Huge Sasquatch or The Executioner).

List of known unique and rare drops can be found here: Unique and rare drops

More known unique and rare items can be found here: Serendipity Mobs

Mobs are sorted by location and level. For exact location of these mobs, waypoint or information about mission during which they may appear, you can find in detail of each mob.



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