Ref. Missing county maps

Altough this is of Boneclaw, here's a rough draft at my take of mapping out the remaining locations:
Interactive map of Boneclaw
The map is comprised of four separate map snippets pieced together (Miao!) and the coordinates, names and titles for the NPC's are taken from our beloved FE Wikia.

So far I've not been able to recreate or embed it into the Wikia using Maps Extension as it seems a bit wonky, although both use Leaflet.

What say you; how about a full-scale interactive map?

23.nov 2018
Geo-referenced the satellite imagery made by Kindragon and also the basic stock maps.
The missing map coverage requires screenshots of the in-game map and the corresponding coordinates, which is a beastly undertaking.

Added NPC's from the list 0890 generated. We need to find a way of exposing all the NPC's, be that from multiple lists or whatnot.
If you want to see layers covering Garages, LifeNet facilities etc -- just collate the info and I'll stuff it in.

The images used are big in size as to not compromise too much on quality, but I'm looking into setting up a WMS/WMTS service to speed things up here.
The map in its current state (Go easy on adding Satellite layers if you have limited bandwidth).

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