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    I really had no intention for there ever being a Part II when I wrote my original post on the subject. This project - as they say - has taken on a life of its own.

    True, most of the actual page renaming had been accomplished already. That is, well over 50% of those pages. However, a very large number remained to be moved. That took quite a bit of time to complete. Without finishing the project, the wiki would just continue to deteriorate into competing page-naming systems. I just couldn't bear to watch that happen since I knew I could finish the project over some time.

    Once the "Item:" prefixed pages were renamed, the task remained of ensuring no more would be created in the future. I had noticed that one of our templates would create redlinks …

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  • Qailor

    Removing "Item:" Prefix

    November 15, 2013 by Qailor

    I had noticed a conversation on the FE wiki about removing the prefix "Item:" from the wiki. It had been agreed that it would make sense to do so since it is not a unique namespace and tends to disrupt easy searching by wiki users. The folks who originated the idea of using the prefix are evidently no longer actively involved on the wiki.

    I decided to lend a hand with the effort, and proceeded to work my way forward beginning with the letter "Z." Much of the work has already been accomplished, but there is still a lot of work to complete the project.

    As I tend to dislike extraneous pages, I was hoping that the extra "Item:" pages which are quickly becoming redirecting pages would eventually become candidates for deletion. As it turns out, se…

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  • Qailor

    Editing Strategy

    November 12, 2013 by Qailor

    I thought I might jot down a few ideas of how I decide to target some pages for an edit while overlooking others. There is so much work that one could put into a wiki that it could tend to eat up an editor's entire day. I try to take on only as much as I can finish at one sitting, and leave the "grand scheming" to other interested parties.

    One of my pet projects has been to assist in editing the coordinates of NPC locations on their information pages. These coordinates are gathered by the wiki's underlying templates, and then arranged into the various FE location's "NPC" charts to include the easy-to-use "/waypoint" game function. The inclusion of "X:" or "Y:" or commas tends to render the results unusable by wiki users without some editing…

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