Weak Lizard Dog Serum
ManualDangerous Mutations Manual
SkillMutagenics 75
Components5x Tainted Lizard Dog DNA
3x Weak Mutagenic Enhancer
1x Scrap Injector
2x Unfiltered Alcohol
1x Weak Healing Accelerant
ToolMutagenics Tradeskill Kit
Time10m 0s (7m 30s)
Weak Serum
Weak Lizard Dog Serum
This mutagenic serum makes use of lizard dog DNA to boost your health and health regeneration for one hour.
This item can be consumed
Item Level:40
Weight:0.25 kg
Effect:Weak Lizard Dog Serum
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 55

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