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Initially in characters are equipped with whatever they can find, such as pipes, sticks, and old tools. In the early stages of the game there are few "real" weapons. Instead people are armed with repurposed pick axes, homemade shivs, and whatever bits of scrap metal they can find. Real weapons will be a rarity.

As players progress through Fallen Earth, this generally gives way to better scavenged or scratch-built weapons, such as golf clubs, barbells, pool cues, spiked baseball bats, and knives. Towards the later stages of the game players will be using a mixture of high-quality weapons that are actually supposed to be weapons, like swords and kukris, and salvaged weapons with undeniable power, like a barbell with fifty pounds of weights on one end. For the first story arc, players will work their way up from crossbows, air rifles, and pipes to assault rifles, submachine guns, and baseball bats wrapped in razorwire. There will be some thrown weapons such as grenades, but knives and spears will not be throwable. So it's all man-portable for now with real world technology. Many of the guns were manufactured by GlobalTech and are based on current weapons with different names.[1]

All the weapons of import are craftable by players. The more powerful weapons are obviously more difficult and expensive (it takes a lot more scrap iron to make a barbell and weights than it does to make a pipe).

Rifle and Pistol Subtypes Edit

Crossbows and shotguns fall under the rifle skill. Shotguns are better for close combat than other rifles, doing more damage but having much shorter range. Their rate of fire is not so good and they still suffer the normal Evade penalty for rifles. Still, if you want high damage, shotguns are where it's at. Pistol users also get sawed-off shotguns and submachine guns.

Automatic Weapons Edit

While all weapons can re-fire simply by holding the attack key, only assault rifles and sub-machine guns are capable of Automatic fire.

Dual Wielding Edit

One-handed weapons can be mixed and matched with others in Fallen Earth, allowing a greater combat potential overall. There are no requirements to be able to wield two weapons at once, nor are there any penalties when doing so. There are no benefits or penalties for using a single one-handed weapon either, and therefore little to no reason not to do so. Ranged weapons that are one handed (Pistols) can be paired with a melee weapon, or another ranged weapon, allowing players to combine whichever weapons they wish to use. However, pay attention to your ammo counts with dual pistols, as they use up ammunition quite quickly.

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