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Xenofire Tech
Teaches Xenofire Rifle Upgrades

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
Item Level:1
Weight:0.001 kg
Teaches Xenofire Rifle Upgrades



The Xenofire scoped assault rifle was a limited Alienware Arena exclusive giveaway that was offered to their members back in 2011 and as such is no longer obtainable.

We’re excited to be giving away 50,000 keys for exclusive access to the Xenofire gun, Fallen Earth's only gun that grows with you! This gun comes with its very own tech manual, allowing you to rework it every ten levels so that you never have to leave it behind. Since the Xenofire is a scoped assault rifle with a striking custom gold finish, you'll be killing in style all the way to the top. This is an Alienware Arena exclusive! [1]


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